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Spring Is In The Air!!

 Will You Join Me?

  • Are you tired of feeling tired?
  • Having low energy?
  • A bloated stomach?
  • Joint pain or other symptoms that you just can't explain?

One of our favorite things to hear from our clients is how good they feel after the first week on our elimination program.
Clearer thinking, sustained energy, better sleep, no cravings, no bloat.... are just some of the benefits reported by our clients.

Are you ready to feel your BEST this spring?

Join me for a 6 week elimination program where you will get step by step instruction on how to implement the elimination program from prep to reintroduction of foods. 

The cost includes a 60 page elimination handbook which walks you through the process step by step with food journal, charts as well as and recipes and ideas. 

Words From A Recent Client

"In January 2021 I started the Elimination Diet with Rosy. I had tried everything to lose those last 15-20 lbs I had already eliminated dairy and sugars from my diet and was eating clean and organic. I also exercise regularly. So you can imagine how frustrated I was. With Rosy's recommendation, I began the 21 day elimination and lost 18 pounds. On day 21, I began the fun part, adding foods back into my diet.

It was like the BEST science experiment. I was able to feel exactly what foods I reacted to and what foods were good for me, I call this phase maintaining my homeostasis. I continued for another 21 days with the experiment and I have successfully found foods that are healthy and work specifically well for me. Today I am 30 lbs lighter and feel amazing. I feel balanced mentally and physically and I know exactly when and what foods do not work for me."

 a recent 6 Week Elimination Program Client
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